About Us

Colonial West Company

For over 30 years, Colonial West Co. has been delivering durable, high-performance grinding and abrasive wheels faster than anyone else. We keep the widest selection of top quality grinding wheels in-stock at competitive prices.

We do custom, specialty wheels faster than anyone else and guarantee that our products are the highest quality available on the market.

Colonial West Co. was established in June 1981 as a sales and marketing company representing a select group of bonded abrasive products for Colonial Abrasive Products (Aberdeen North Carolina). Colonial West Co. has continued to provide the highest quality manufactured bonded abrasive grinding wheels our customers have come to know expect.

As a service orientated organization, we provide professional field sales service for the manufacturers we represent. We offer the highest quality bonded abrasive products as well as technical application assistance for both our distributors and their customers.

To continue this service to our customers, we now offer the ability to purchase the superior products you have come to expect quickly and easily online.